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Recreational Running is a totally new resource for, well, recreational runners. We’re just in the process of setting everything up.

We're working on this web site behind the scenes every day and will be uploading material as we complete the various sections. So check back soon. Once the site is complete, you'll find all sorts of stuff to get you enthusiastic, and to help you become a better runner.


Fed up of slouching on the couch? Need a bit of get-up-and-go? Don’t know where to start? Worried? Embarrassed? Thinking of not bothering? Here's where you’ll find everything you need to take your first steps.


You’ve already made the leap. You’ve become fitter and a little bit leaner. So what do you do now? We’ll help you discover the options that are available, and guide you through them to discover exactly what’s right for you!


You're a runner! Comfortable with what you’re doing. But wanting to go further. Or faster. Or both. We’ll help you, with training plans and information that is based on science. Stuff we KNOW works - because it’s been proven!